Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical marijuana card is an identification card issued by the state that will permit a qualified patient to buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary, possess, or cultivate cannabis for medical purposes.

It is 100% legal. Releaf Clinic health practitioners are licensed to practice in the state where they provide services. Our online solution complies with state telehealth legislation, and we store all of our clients’ personal information on a HIPAA-compliant database to preserve their privacy.

Each state that permits the use of medical marijuana has its own list of qualified medical conditions. Cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, and any other sickness for which marijuana gives treatment are all on the list of qualifying conditions for medicinal marijuana in most states. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept any forms of insurance. Because marijuana is still federally banned, no insurance companies will pay for medical marijuana recommendations at this time.

Releaf Clinics charges $150 for new patients and $99 for renewing patients. We also offer payment plans as well. If you have any other questions about pricing please call us at (888) 479-7736.

No. You will only be able to purchase from a state licensed dispensary.

Besides your state identification card, driver’s license, or U.S. passport, you don’t need any other proof. You can upload medical records throughout the Releaf Clinics signup process if you believe they will help your doctor better assess your eligibility for medical cannabis. You’ll need your doctor’s referral, a valid government-issued I.D., a photo taken at the county’s program office, and proof of residency within your county when you apply for the state after finishing your Releaf Clinics appointment.

Yes, you can quickly and cheaply renew your medical marijuana card online through NuggMD for the same low price of $99.

A patient or caregiver must pay a $25 application fee after their physician appointment and approval. An extra cultivation card costs $100. This cultivation fee is separate from the $25 fee.

Amendment 2 permits the state to process your application for up to 30 days. Your certification will act as your ID for up to a year if the state does not finish processing it before then. However, it’s almost certain that this will never happen. Until now, the Department has been quite quick in processing applications. Within 48 hours, some applicants received their new patient identification cards by email.

At least once a year, a qualifying patient must recertify.

The state does not publish a list of doctors who will provide medicinal marijuana evaluations to patients. More doctors are ready to address cannabis usage now that they are not subject to prosecution if they do so, but it’s difficult to predict whether they will be receptive. Releaf Clinics’ doctors are well-versed in cannabis use and are comfortable discussing its possible advantages with patients.

No, not yet. Medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law, and insurance companies are refusing to cover it. Epidiolex, a federally licensed seizure medication, is one of the exceptions.

In a 30-day period, you can have up to 4 ounces of marijuana. If you need more cannabis than this, you’ll need a recommendation from two doctors who are fully independent of one another.

Yes. In Missouri, anyone can get a cannabis card even if you have a criminal past. If you offer fraudulent information or an incomplete application, you may be denied. If you break the program’s restrictions, possess more than you’re allowed, or sell or traffic cannabis, your license may be withdrawn.

Yes. All dispensary retailers in Missouri will be required to levy a 4% tax on all cannabis purchases. This tax is in addition to any other taxes or fees that may be relevant.

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